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Santa Cruz



Scenic Beauty with Every Stride

Welcome to the enchanting Santa Cruz Westside Half Marathon, 10k/5k, where the lively Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk sets the stage for a scenic coastal run. Participants traverse the iconic West Cliff Drive, with the vast Pacific Ocean as their backdrop, invigorated by the sea breeze. The race reaches its pinnacle at the turnaround point along the majestic bluffs of Wilder Ranch State Park, where rugged cliffs offer breathtaking ocean views. The return along West Cliff Drive captivates once more, leading to a triumphant finish on Cowells Beach. This immersive experience seamlessly blends the thrill of running with the serene beauty of Santa Cruz's coastal charm.

Half Marathon

Experience the exhilarating Santa Cruz Westside Half Marathon, a scenic coastal run that winds along the stunning coast and landscapes of Santa Cruz. With breathtaking ocean views, the course takes you along Westcliff Drive, featuring  picturesque beauty. Join fellow runners and walkers in this unforgettable race along California's captivating coast.


Embark on the Santa Cruz Westside 10k adventure along the iconic West Cliff Drive, a mesmerizing route overlooking the majestic Monterey Bay. Revel in the invigorating ocean breeze as you run along the scenic coastline, surrounded by breathtaking views. This event promises a perfect blend of coastal charm and athletic achievement.


Experience the captivating Santa Cruz Westside 5k, featuring breathtaking ocean views and passing the iconic Santa Cruz Lighthouse overlooking Steamers Lane. Revel in the amazing coastal scenery as you traverse the Westside, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of the majestic Pacific. Join in for an unforgettable run filled with awe-inspiring vistas.



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